World View

Taking a look around the world, reading the different newspapers, it struck me today just how fast we are slipping down the tubes. Not every area but the West is slowly fading much like Rome slowly faded. Europe for the most part has fallen, there are still some pockets of what I call resistance but I am not sure if its going to be enough. Here in the States we are falling, yet Canada remains indifferent to the rest of the west. Mexico is stuck in a never ending drug war, Central America is turning towards more freedom, yet those nations that are trying to follow the European rode map are only going from one bad form of government to another.

The trend in all of this is easy to spot, As Nations outlaw God from their government, their society changes the norm’s that are acceptable. Its real easy to point the finger at the Middle East and say they are the ones who are screwed, but are they really? A lot more of the people in the Middle East are following their beliefs then in the rest of the world. I am not saying I agree with blowing each other up, over which version of God you believe in. What I am saying is that the less we Honor God in our daily lives and that includes Government the more freedoms we give up as well as speeding up our decent.

Tolerance is supposed to be a two way street, yet here in the States its not. If I agree that a gay couple should have the same rights as a straight couple but my belief in God says I can’t call a gay couples union a marriage, why can’t the gay couple decide that to the best of my ability I am supportive of their way of life? I agree we all should have the same rights as a couple, but why should I be forced to pick between my beliefs in God and your life style. I even offered up a simple solution. Get the government out of issuing any type of marriage license, for legal reasons they can sell a civil unions license to everyone (both straight and gay), allow the Churches to marry who they will.

I am using the gay issue as an example of one side trying to be tolerant and the other side needing to have it all its own way.

We have a huge spending problem here, and I know we are not going to be able to cut everything. But why can’t we try to cut $1.50 cents for every new $1 in taxes? I would like to see no new taxes with just spending cuts, but the reality is that’s not going to happen. So if we decided to raise taxes to pay off what we owe and to pay for what we currently spend at least this way we would be getting some real cuts. A 100 billion in new taxes would equal 250 billion in cuts. Do that 4 years in a row without increasing our spending levels and we would not need to borrow any more money. The only problem we would then face is paying off the 16 Trillion we owe now.