Wisconsin, Unions and money

Everyone is saying that Gov. Walker’s win on Tuesday night was a win for those who wish to wage war on Unions. Its not! I am not a huge fan of Unions except in the private sector and then only in the trades.

What Gov. Walker did with the help of the legislatures, is make the public sector union members have to start chipping in more for the benefits they receive from the tax payers.

They now have to contribute 5.8% of their salary to their retirement fund. Most of us have to pay for all of our own retirement fund. So 5.8% seems very generous to me.

The state employees where paying about 6% of their health insurance premium ,now they have to pay at least 12.6%. In my mind still very generous.

Now its true that some of the Unions lost their collective bargaining rights, however the employees are now allowed to receive merit based raises and promotions.

All and all I would call this a win-win for everyone. The state employees are still being well taking care of and the tax payers now have a balanced budget.

The left always claims they want people to pay “their fair share” however they never wanted the Union members to have to pay theirs….