Why the new normal sucks

We hear all of these "enlightened" ideas that soon become the new norm. 30 years ago, abortions happened but few people talked about having one. Now taking the life of an unborn baby is openly talked about and encouraged.

The gay lifestyle was happening long before our nation became a nation, yet people did not openly talk about it. Why? They where afraid of how other people would view them. Same with those who had abortions.

Now we might shake our heads at the things people are doing but that’s  about it.

The Gay lifestyle does not bother me, since its not my life style.  I never wanted to know what goes on in a straight persons bedroom, I also don’t want to know what goes on in a Gay person bedroom. Its simply none of my business. I don’t think one is better then the other, I do think one is better for me, then the other. I don’t want to see a straight or gay couple on the street making out. Personal displays of affection should be just that personal. Not out in the open ,in front of kids or anyone else for that matter. Holding hands at one point was the norm. Now short of intercourse it seems that we as a society accept and expect that.

When I was growing up there is no way I would be caught by an adult cursing, did one or two words slip out of my mouth? Sure and I got into trouble for that. The new norm now is its ok for kids to be disrespectful to others. Yes cursing is disrespectful.


At a kids ball game, parents minded their own language because they did not want kids to hear bad words coming out of an adults mouth. Today it seems that we have allowed this to become the new normal. Instead of speaking up about it, we tend to shy away from confronting those adults who act poorly.


I attend a lot of youth games, since I have two nephews that play 3 sports each.  Parents are no longer ashamed or embarrassed when they lose their cool at their kids games, nor when its their kids that lose control Why not? Because we have allowed this behavior to happen and now its become another one of the “new normal.

I am not a saint, the things I have done would make a lot of people ashamed, and I am ashamed of a lot of the things I did.

Sex did not happen much in middle school, when I was growing up, now it seems that more young girls are getting pregnant. Part of that is the way we have allowed schools to teach our kids about sex.

For too long now we have allowed the School systems to get bullied by a few people, who think that schools should teach the kids everything, instead of standing up to them and saying no , we allowed and in some case forced the Teachers to teach our children about sex. Now learning about sex is fine, as long as morals are taught as well as there is a time and place for sex and that sex is not just something you do to feel good. Its something you do when you are in love with a person and that person loves you.


Who’s morals do you want your children following? The teachers , may have great morals or they may not, yet we are giving up part of our parental responsibilities by allowing and or forcing teachers to teach our kids about sex.


If the schools want to teach about STD’s fine, they should. Yet they should tell the students to ask their parents how to avoid them. Instead we allow the schools to give out condemns. Not all of the teachers support this, yet they have little choice but to go along.

We have allowed our Courts to become our nations moral guide instead of leaving that up to the Churches and the individuals.


When we have people writing articles supporting after birth abortions and some people take that paper seriously , that tells me we have a huge problem on our hands. Its not just the States, a lot of this stuff gets thought up in Europe and we seem to just blindly follow behind them. Europe is the last people we should be trying to follow. Just look at the mess they are in now.

As a Nation we need to go back to the basic’s. Personal responsibility and being allowed to make your own decisions about what’s right for you and your family.

Now we have done some good stuff as a Nation, Civil rights that should have been the norm forever took a while to take hold here but we did get it right eventually. Granted we did take things a little to far, not in your basic civil rights but in some areas we tossed common sense out the window, but in other areas the changes needed to be made and should have been made long before the 60’s and 70’s.

It’s not going to kill anyone to have the 10 Commandments posted in a court house. Disagree with them? Then don’t read them. The Pledge that got started in the 1900’s does not hurt anyone, and if you do not want your child to say it, then tell them not to. Don’t ruin things for the rest of the kids and their parents because you dislike it. No harm comes from hearing the pledge. No one is forcing your child to recite it. So don’t force your views on the rest of us.

Bottom line is common sense needs to be restored to our Nation, unless that happens we will look just like Europe looks in 20 years. Both morally and financially ruined.