Why is Vote Bible story big news?

Fox ran with the story that says “Texas woman forced to cover up ‘Vote the Bible’ T-shirt at polls”

Her shirt said vote the Bible, she was asked to cover it up because it had the word vote in it. Also to me it looked like one of the stickers that you get once you have voted. The law says;

Texas law, a person cannot suggest how another person should vote by word, sign or gesture while in a polling place.

Its a judgment call by the people who are working the voting station. Its not that big of a deal, if the shirt just said Vote the Bible without the check mark on it then maybe it might be a big deal. Key word is maybe. No harm was done to this women, she was loaned a jacket to cover up the shirt so she could vote. No harm, no foul. It does not matter if you agree or disagree with her shirt and I happen to agree with it. Bottom line it was a questionable slogan on her shirt and the worker went with caution.

Common Sense people this is a non-issue.