Why is convicted terrorist, Brett Kimberlin allowed to walk around?

This guy scares me, and that says a lot there. While I am not scared to die I would hate to see someone else get hurt because this convict came after me. There have been a number of bloggers who have been threatened by this guy and with his history its wise to prepare for the worst.

This sick prick is worse then Al Qaeda and the reason is this, Al Qaeda’s operatives believe they are fighting for God. Bret Kimberlin is just a coward who gets off on using bombs to scare people. He is not doing it for any other reason then because he can.

After spending 17 years in jail, where he earned is law degree, he started a non-profit which is supported by Soro’s and Barbara Streisand along with many others from the left.

The reason I am writing about this clown is he has been threatening a few bloggers, one has had to go into hiding with his family in order to keep them safe.

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