Whoever wins the election

Lets face it, President Obama has not pulled our Nation closer together. We have never been this divided in my life time.

As Americans we need to work together to show our elected officials it can and must be done. Regardless of who wins the election “We the People” need to pull together and force our lawmakers to do the right thing, not for us, but for our kids. We are 16 Trillion in the hole, not counting our un-funded liabilities. Its a big hole to dig out of.

Do you want to be the one explain to your grandkids how you allowed our Nation to fracture over silly crap?

Lets look at what is really dividing us.

Abortion is always a hot topic, yet it should be a State issue. Regardless of your view on this issue, there should not be a Federal Law one way or the other. People’s morals will guide them on this issue, not the Government.

Gay rights is another hot topic, again this is not a federal issue. The only thing the Federal Government should or could do, is do away with the deductions you get, if you hold a marriage license and replace the word marriage with a civil union license. This would level the playing field and leave who gets married to whom at the Church.

Those are moral issues that people will decide for themselves. People need to get a grip on what’s really important for the Federal government to focus on.

We need to have a very strong military, the old saying “If you want peace prepare for war” holds true today as it did when it was first said.
Securing our borders is a must, few other nations have such wide open borders. While the illegal aliens looking for work is a problem, the big concern should be terrorists and drug shipments.

I am all for fixing our immigration system but we can not reward those who came here by breaking our laws. Streamlining the process for those looking for work here in the States is a must. Those people are seeking to better themselves not to do us harm.

When people go and live in another country, they learn the language and adopt their new countries views. They don’t give up their heritage but the do assimilate to their adopted country. We do not do that here in the states. We need to do so, for both our Natural born citizens as well as those who have applied, navigated all the paper work and gotten their citizenship. It brings all of us closer together.

I cant list all the things that we need to fix, I don’t have the time nor the patience. Yet we have to start someplace.
Lets just try and cut 10-15% of our Federal Spending each year for the next 4 years. Doing so would prove to the world and ourselves that we have gotten serious about getting our financial house in order.