What we should focus on

Lets break this down on what the Federal government should be focused on.

First of course is jobs, without jobs our economy will keep sliding…

National Security should be the right next to jobs, which means securing our borders and making sure that  WMD do not spread.

Free trade, should be free for everyone. If a nation does not wish to trade with us on equal levels then we either add import fees or don’t trade with them.

Paying down the National debt. Everyone thinks China owns most of our debt but they only own about 8% , most of it is owed to the Social Security trust fund and other investors here at home. Taxing our way out of this hole will not work. We just don’t have enough taxpayers to do so. If we open up the job market, which would mean having Government get out of the way, we would add more taxpayers which would increase revenue.

As long as the Federal Government makes and then follows a budget we could get out of this hole. Until then we just keep digging deeper.

Quick look at the smoke and mirrors that both parties keep pointing too…
Abortion, state issue not Federal.
Gay marriage, again state issue.
Health care, should be a state issue not federal.
Gun control, state issue.
Education, state issue.
Banking, free market issue.

You get the picture most of the issues really should be left up to the states. Yes there are civil rights issues that need to remain at the Federal level just to keep everyone honest.

Other then providing for the Common defense, trade treaty’s , treaty’s and fair trade between the states, the Federal government should not be doing much more. Yes I know I left a few things out, but that should paint you a picture of how small our Federal Government should be.