What is the number one enemy of The United States of America?

We are, yes us American citizens. Why? We allow evil stuff to happen over and over again. When Hitler seized power we in the States wanted to believe that Hitler was not evil. We allowed the media back then to ignore his actions, until we could no longer ignore him. We are doing the same thing with Islam. Its not the religion of peace that the media paints. Let me stop you before you get your panties in a bunch , just like all Germans where not evil all Muslims are not evil. The Nazi’s where evil, those who practice true Islam are evil. By true I mean taking every word from the Koran as the way things are without even trying to modernize it.
When you stone someone to death or behead them because that’s what it says in your holy book, WE have a problem. Owning slaves is wrong which is the way truest Islam  treat their women. Yes I am coining a new phrase "truest Islam" meaning they think they need to apply the Koran in a literal sense in today’s world.

But its not just Islam that is our enemy, oh no, if that was the case we would have no problem defeating the Truest Islam , we have those who think they are doing all of us a favor by supporting those Truest. Just like we had people supporting Hitler. The media today is doing the dirty work for the Truest Islam. They are painting everyone else as being bigots, when its those that follow  truest Islam, that are in fact the bigots.

Now in order for us to be able to understand how their minds work, we first have to understand how Muhammad thought. We need to learn as much about the man as possible. For us to do that we have to take a hard look at how he lived. I am no scholar so I won’t even attempt to do so. However all the books that I have read about the man, paint a very ugly picture about him.

We Americans like to look for the best in people, and in most cases we are right to do so. Take one person regardless of religion or race and sit and have a talk with them. 9-10 you will find some common ground. Now take the same person and stick him with a group of like minded people who have a leader who can get most of them fired up. In sports we call this the Coach or the Captain. We look on those with leadership qualities in most cases as being a positive. Now take a man or women, let them fire up their base and then allow them to take a Holy Book out and point to a passage saying we must build whatever and I bet he/she gets whatever built. Apply the same logic with Truest Islamic teachers and we now have a Holy war.

Hitler understood that people dislike having to accept blame for their own short comings. Which is why he used the Jewish people as his tool to unite the rest of Germany. After all it would not work if he was honest with the people, because they would have never followed him.