What is the major problem? Look in the mirror

The problems we face as a nation is pretty simple. Take a look in the mirror and you get a quick glance at the problem. Its passive, but ask yourself what you have done today to help with the problems we face? There are things that we can do to help solve these problems. Yes its tough and yes I know you have your own problems, we all do. However we need to start getting educated  on what direction each political party is really trying to take our nation.

Back before we had God removed from everything, things where a little simpler. Is that the answer? I don’t know but It could not hurt and I believe it would help.

The left has turned into the party of “if it feels good do it” while the right has turned into the old Democrat party. We have very few conservatives, sure we have those who say they are and compared to the party who is left of them, they are.

While I vote for the most part to those who lean  more to the right, I do make a list of what my core beliefs are before I vote and I vote for those who line up closest to my beliefs.

Here is part of my list that I use before voting.

1. Personal responsibility is the biggest thing I believe in. We all need a little help from time to time. So yes I also believe that its ok to ask the Government to help a little, but 99 weeks of unemployment is a little much.(Just an example)

Americans tend to have huge hearts and we gladly open our check books for those in need.

2. Spending. I think its insane that we owe so much money. I could never do that with my personal budget. 

Lets take the spending levels down to 2000 and start digging our Nation out of this hole.

3. Personal rights, as long as you are not harming anyone else, everyone should be left alone. Allow people to do what they wish to do. If its not a crime then don’t make it one.

4. Education starts in the home and the parents should never be forced to give that up. We as parents know what’s best for our children and parents are the ones who should decide what’s ok to teach in school  and what needs to be left up to the parents.

Math, History, Science, English and a second language is about all the schools should teach. The core classes should be the only classes. Lets make our kids experts in those 4 core classes and as a bonus a second language.  In most nations people can at least speak 2 languages. I think Music is very important as well but if money is tight its one area that we could spend less time on.

5. National Security, while I it listed as number 5 it really is equal to all the rest. Without it we would not have a Country.

6. Who is going to help the Nation as a whole, not just for my state.

Those are really the only big issues that I look at.

If you vote it is your responsibility to find out what a candidate will or will not do. You can not get that information by staying in your comfort zone. If your lean towards the right its your job to read some of what the left is reading. Same thing goes if you lean towards the left.

I try to thing of myself as leaning towards America , while its human nature to be selfish and ask what’s in it for me, I believe that most Americans want to do that next right thing.