Weiner ain’t no Clinton

The simple fact that Anthony Weiner thought he could some how become Mayor of NYC after his fall from Congress for sending nude pictures via text msg proves how far we have let our morals slide. Had this happened 15 years ago he would not have shown his face for a long time, let alone run for Mayor. I guess he figured if Bill Clinton could have oral sex in the oval office then sending nude pictures of himself was no big deal. Weiner ain’t no Clinton, plus most local elections still have some type of dignity. I know your saying wait we have no morals or they have slipped and now your saying that local elections have some dignity left. Yes I am , see its simple. When the company that was contracted to conduct the poll to find out if Weiner was forgiving, they must have worded the questions a certain way in order to be able to give Weiner data he wanted to hear. While we have seen the National MSM go silent when their guy or gal is caught doing something they should not have been doing, the local media is not that nice. The difference between local media and national media is like night and day. Local stations still have to pay for their local talent, and that local talent has to do some real reporting on the local level. National news agency’s let the Associated Press do most if not all of the fact finding and they buy the information and then put their own slant on it. Most stories you read in the papers or on-line will have the line such and such agency contributed to this report. FOX, CNN and MSNBC don’t have many real reporters left just talking heads. In hindsight I am sure Weiner wishes he waited and ran for President in 2020. By then at least he could have tried to charm the press like Bill Clinton did.