We need to think things through

What happens when you declare an area a gun free zone? It guarantees that only someone who is looking to harm others will have a gun. Its not that hard to figure out what will happen if a criminal or a mentally ill person shows up with a gun wanting to go out in a flame of so called glory (at least in their minds). Now we can’t stop sending our kids to schools because they happen to be gun free zones, but we can boycott companies that declare themselves gun free. We can also work to change the gun laws that restrict our Teachers and school Staff from carrying a concealed firearm.
Its the only sensible thing that will deter and maybe prevent these types of tragedies.

0 thoughts on “We need to think things through

  1. Please note that Massachusetts has their very own Universal Health Care System…nice of them to decide that the rest of us aren’t worthy.

  2. That’s just it, each state should decide for themselves if they wish to pay for everyone in the states insurance. Congress has no legal grounds for trying to force people to pay or buy anything…