Way to much to go through

Friday’s new dump was a bit more then expected even from this Administration.

President Obama flip flops on doing the Dream act. By flip flop I don’t mean that he changed his views, but he did change the way he will enforce the laws. Granting work permits to around 800,000 illegal immigrants will do wonders to our already poor job market. Last year he said he could not do it alone this year he does it. Seems getting elected again is more important then doing his job and see’s no problem with breaking the law in order to make his chances better.

Gov. Perry on this issue, Do your job first

“The Obama Administration’s election-year tactic to bypass Congress and arbitrarily grant amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants is another example of its blatant disregard for our Constitution, our rule of law and our democratic process.

Hot Air asks the same question and even has copy from WaPo

With potentially as many as 800,000 new workers flooding into the system, what happens to the millions of Americans who can’t find work now?

Pundit & Pundette points out

Less than a year ago, President Obama made it clear that he understood that he was obligated to enforce our immigration laws:

Now the MSM wants us all to be upset that a reporter asked the President a question when the reporter thought the President was wrapping up. They are saying the reporter was heckling the President.

Pearl Clutching over Neil Monro