I am going to explain this just once, if you vote for that person afterwards and they win you get what you voted for.
A democrat and some republicans (100%of democrats) want to spend your money on what they wish to spend it on. Since you earned it, should you not get to decided? or at the very least have some say?

They also wish to be in charge of your child, replacing you as the parent. If you doubt this do some research, not light reading, research! While not all of the Republicans wish to return the government back to a smaller size, Zero democrats wish to reduce government at all, in fact most wish to increase the size of our Federal Government.

There is a huge difference by law, between what a State Govt. is allowed to do and what the Federal Govt is allowed to do . If you don’t like the direction your state is heading, you can vote with your feet, if the rest of the Citizens disagree with your views.

Sadly we have way to many  people who think the Federal Government should be the end all… Look at the Federal Governments Charter, also known as the Constitution. There are not a lot of powers given to the Federal govt. This was done for a reason, they did not want to have their descendants in the same shoes as they where in with England.

We have lost our way, allowing the Federal Government to take more and more control over just about everything we do. If there was a way to tax breathing or regulate it they would be doing it..

Wake up people, its time we sent our elected officials a huge message, They work for us!!!!!!!

The entitlements that some Americans get should be called bribes, because that’s what they are used as. The elected official is telling you, that if you want to keep getting the cash, you better vote for me, because they other person wants to cut you off. While its true that we need to change how these programs operate, so that they are there when needed, no one wants to take a person off anything if they truly need it…

I will leave you with this final question, Who should have control over what you do each day? You or the Government ? If its you, then you will need to vote for a republican and hold that persons feet to the fire. If its the Government who you feel should be in control over you what you do each day then keep voting for the democrats. On one side we have freedom on the other we have ……… Today as I write this the Republicans stand for freedom to decide what you do…