U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens journal

I am not picking a side on the issue about CNN using the information in the journal.
The problem I have is how was CNN able to search the site before, I am guessing, the State Dept. had the chance and what other documents did they or someone else find? If someone else searched the site before CNN what documents if any did they get? If they did find documents what was in them? Are we going to see people who have helped us in the past start to be locked up or killed ?

The entire episode points out that people and countries no longer fear our reaction. Yes I used the word fear, fear is what kept the U.S.S.R. from launching their nuclear missiles at us, and that same fear kept the USA from launching ours at them.

A strong military and the will to use it, is what provides for our Freedoms. Until recently there was always a line in the sand that other Nations knew they could not cross. Our response to the attacks on 9-11 only highlighted that line. We may have killed a bunch of civilians in our response but one needs to ask themselves ,did the people of those nations we attacked have it coming for allowing their leaders to behave in a way that hurt our nation? If the answer is yes then the only innocents are the children. If the answer is no, how can it be no? The Afghanistan government had been given time to turn over OBL and his men, yet the decided to test our resolve.

When are we going to pay a little attention to history? 30 years ago the Iranians stormed our Embassy, and took 52 Americans hostage. Why did they do this? We had a weak leader the same as we do know. How else can you explain CNN getting to the site before the State Department?