Trying to understand the left’s platform

Just thinking about the things that the left has said makes me ask, are they living on the same planet as I am?

While I am guilty of making many mistakes, those mistakes are mine to make. I do not need people thinking for me, telling me they know what’s best for me regardless of what I think.

If you look at the actions of the Democrats lately they have gone as far as to try and convince us of things that are not even close to the truth. Prime example is the murder of 4 American Citizens in Libya. The Administration would have had us believe that the violence was all because of a crappy film. A film that was so bad I could not even watch a full 60 seconds of the trailer. It was not until a week latter that the White House came out and said it was a terrorist attack. Keep in mind all week before that most everyone was saying it had nothing to do with the film except the White House and the MSM. When people preach tolerance, one would expect them to show tolerance, sadly with Islam and the Democrats that’s not the case. It’s do what we say or else. 

Then we have the debt that both sides of added too, yet any of the debt the President Obama has added is some how President Bush’s fault. They tend to forget that the Democrats controlled Congress from 2006 to 2010 and as I write this they still control the Senate. Also keep in mind the Senate has not passed a budget in over 3 years. The budget sent to congress by President Obama got ZERO votes. Yet, some how they are still blaming President Bush?

I want leaders that have had some success in their life, I understand trying things and having them not work out, but the point is to try.

We are really in a crucial moment in our history, we can sink or swim with this election. Things are that bad, even if the Republicans pull off a miracle in November with the election,winning both the White House and total control of Congress there is no guarantee that we can dig ourselves out of the hole we are in.

One thing I do know is we can’t take 4 more years of President Obama’s agenda. With his words he promised to unite us, with his actions he has driven a huge wedge between us. Anyone remember his comment about He won, get over it?

I don’t consider myself a Republican, I consider myself a conservative. Yet he has succeeded in driving the Republicans and the Conservative closer together and much further apart from the Democrats. Not to long ago we had Blue Dog democrats, sadly that is a dying breed, the same as what some folks called the RINO’s. Those where the people who ignored party lines and got some things done.

This election should not be about any one party, it should be about what’s best for our Nation. Show me a Democrat that wants to really cut spending, other then just from the military and I might vote for them. As it sits now, I am not real happy about the choices we have for this election but will vote for the lesser of two evils by voting for Romney.