Trying to understand the Democarts

I have friends who are saying they will vote for President Obama again. My problem is I just can’t see how they can do that with what our Nation is facing.
Its like they are living on another world. The Democrats and President Obama have no plan to reduce our spending, and they believe that we can tax our way out of this hole that both parties put us in.
If we took everything from the rich we could not take care of our deficit. Firewall

There is no money, we just don’t have it. Our Senate has not passed a budget in over 3 years. Which in case you don’t know is a violation of Federal law. Our President, President Obama’s budget got zero votes… None not one single vote.

Yet people still want to vote for President Obama, and the Democrats. Lets face it, neither party is going to fix this problem over night. However the left wants to tax our way out of this mess as they keep spending. We can’t do it.

If we keep going at this pass we will default on our loans soon. People think what happened in Greece was bad for the world, wait till the USA starts defaulting on loans.

Riots, wars, food shortages, and of course energy shortages, just to name a few things.

We can avoid this, we have enough natural resources to bail us out. Yet we are being blocked from fully developing those resources by a few environmentalist

In an article in the WSJ Mr.Hamm says he belives we could pay off our debt if the Government would get out of the way.
Here is the article from the WSJ

Mr. Hamm calculates that if Washington would allow more drilling permits for oil and natural gas on federal lands and federal waters, “I truly believe the federal government could over time raise $18 trillion in royalties.” That’s more than the U.S. national debt, I say. He smiles.

How the hell can people think we can tax our way out of this mess? Do people even think about where the money is coming from? Do they not understand basic math? We all want to help those who need help, but we just don’t have the funds to do so. Not to mention that charity org. are better at helping people then the Federal Govt.