Trash-cams? Come on Big Brother is getting way to big…

I was trying to avoid writing anything today… But this one is just killing me.

A Florida school district is considering a plan to install surveillance cameras on cafeteria trash cans to monitor what kids are throwing away – after they discovered that students were tossing out their federally-mandated fruit and vegetables.

The Lake County School Board said more than $75,000 worth of vegetables have been thrown in the garbage. The veggies and fresh fruit are party of the Obama administration’s policy to force schools to provide healthy produce in lunch rooms.

Tip kids don’t like vegies unless Mom or Dad make them and even then its tough to get them to eat. Nothing against the people making school lunches….. Of course the kids are tossing this stuff out.. Have you tasted it? I have not but if food from the school cafeteria has not improved 2000% since I was in school then I ain’t eating it.

Come on people what’s it going to take to WAKE UP… This is not our America anymore this is the Nanny State telling us what to do…

Update forgot to provide link