Thursday already?

IRS says it does not need to obtain a warrant to read your emails, text and any other electronic ways you communicate. WTH? Link
Big Brother just keeps getting bigger.

In the mist of the gun debate, Missouri’s Highway patrol gave the Federal government the database of the concealed weapon permits. This was done twice, first time back in 2011 last time in January. Supposedly no names have been revealed and all the information has been destroyed…
Pull my other leg it plays jingle bells…

Our government is going to collect a new record in revenues for 2013. CBO estimates $ 2.7 trillion. Yet we are still quickly facing financial ruin with our spending… 🙁

16 RINO’s that need to go.

( Hat tip  The Right Scoop for doing the heavy lifting on this)
Lamar Alexander of Tennessee;
Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire;
Richard Burr of North Carolina;
Saxby Chambliss of Georgia;
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma;
Susan Collins of Maine;
Bob Corker of Tennessee;
Jeff Flake of Arizona;
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina;
John Hoeven of North Dakota;
Johnny Isakson of Georgia;
Dean Heller of Nevada;
Mark Kirk of Illinois;
John McCain of Arizona;
Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania;
Roger Wicker of Mississippi.