This stuff is breaking my heart

Not sure how else to describe it, but its breaking my heart.

This group in power right now will stop at nothing until the Nation is destroyed. That may not be their intention but that’s exactly what they are doing. There is no hope left for the United States as it stands today. What will happen is anyone’s guess, but if I was a betting man I would say we will see the Nation split. Take a look at the map from election night. Red states and Blue states and that’s pretty much how you will see it going. Parts of VA will stay Red while the Northern part goes Blue.The citizens of New Mexico, Colorado and Florida will either move or change their thinking.

Now to be fair to the citizens, the way the Media has treated President Obama, I am not sure if its the people who just do not know what is really going on or if they just don’t care. Sadly its to late to find out if they care, because we have elected the same group of people who have been in power over the last 6 years. This is not all on the President, please don’t think he is either that good or that bad. The blame here is on the media first and foremost since they have failed to even try and do their jobs when it comes to this President , then its our leaders for not telling us the truth, lastly its also our fault for not paying attention when some people sounded the alarm.

Media failed here and here as well as here .

President Obama failed to be honest a bunch of times but a big one is right here and of course the big list  is here

Quick recap from just the 60 days before election day.
Benghazi, 4 Americans murdered we knew of the attack before it happened yet did nothing to stop it. Nor did we answer pleas for help the way we could have. First time in 30 years a U.S. Ambassador was murdered. Media hardly covers it.President who had to know all about it, not only from the live feed from overhead but also from the communications from on the ground, He stalls and the Media again covers for him. This is an ACT OF WAR, our Embassy is the same thing as US soil.

Hurricane Sandy, media covers the storm until local stations start showing American citizens digging in trash bins for food. The response from the Federal government was just as bad as Katrina yet since the President had pictures taken of himself in the Situation room the media made him look bad. Please think back to when the media stopped covering Sandy. Did you know that a week after the storm passed there are people still without power? Food? water? crickets from the media about any of it.

2 Iranian war planes shoot at our Drone in international air space, big news one would think since it another act of war. Yet the media and the administration say nothing.

So tell me again how the media is doing its job? Please spare me the bull crap about race, I believe we are all apart of one race, and we are all Americans.