Things you may not know about Mitt Romney

Romney rescues capsized boaters

The governor pulled the two younger women aboard his three-seater Jet Ski and zoomed back to shore, while his sons helped the mother of the family onto their vehicle.

In the middle of the rescue, the governor actually took a dunking himself — thrown off the Jet Ski as one anxious boater scrambled aboard and tipped the craft off-balance.

There is a lot of good stuff that Mitt Romney has done. However he is not one to boast. Which is great for a Christian but might not be to good for a guy running for President.

Learning to Like Mitt

I was struck by the story of a Mormon family called (unfortunately) Nixon. In the 1990s a car wreck rendered two of their boys quadriplegics. Drained financially from extraordinary expenses, Mr. Nixon got a call from Romney, whom he barely knew, asking if he could stop by on Christmas Eve. When the day came, all the Romneys arrived bearing presents, including a VCR and a new sound system the Romney boys set up.

Later Romney told Nixon that he could take care of the children’s college tuition, which in the end proved unnecessary. “I knew how busy he was,” Nixon told the authors. “He was actually teaching his boys, saying, ‘This is what we do. We do this as a family.’ ”

Those are only two items, however when you look at how Mitt Romney has treated his family and how much he respects and loves them you can not come away with any other conclusion that this is a great man. Sorry people but I when I look at a person I look at how they treat their family, friends and strangers. Governor Romney passes with flying colors.

To have a man who cherish is family the way Governor Romney does sitting in the oval office will be a huge win for our Nation.

My hero is my Father, Gene Budowski, who passed away in 03, God Bless you Pop!. I tell you that because Romney’s actions remind me of my Dad.

In order for our Nation to move ahead we need someone who has a proven track record at fixing problems.

Did you know that Governor Romney turned the 2002 Olympic games around? After a scandal rocked the Olympic Committee, Romney was hired to fix things. The Salt Lake games where on the verge of being moved or canceled. Romney went into the position know that the games where $379 million in the hole.(sound familiar ? granted ours is a much bigger hole) He declined a salary and even donated $1 million to the games. The 2002 games turned out to be a big success.

What Governor Romney needs to do now is blow his own horn, or have others do it for him. Once the truth comes out about what kind of Man he is ,there is little doubt that he should be our next President.