The Unholy Alliance Between The Left And Islam

This is pretty powerful stuff. Eric Allen Bell tells about his conversion from being with the left to being stuck in the middle. I say stuck in the middle because Mr.Bell is a strong supporter of human rights. He happens to be one of those people who thinks about the entire picture andnot just what’s important to him.

He has an excellent article at He also sounds like a man who wants the truth to come out. Read his story and decide for yourself. BTW in case you think he is a Muslim hating fool, I urge you to look at what he has to say.

Where do I stand on Islam? Let’s look at its founder – a man who raped a 9 year old girl, a slave owner, a leader who ordered people to be tortured, for adulterers to be stoned, for countless nonbelievers to be beheaded, a killer, a warmonger who spread his “religion of peace” by the sword, a man who suffered from hallucinations of voices telling him to do violent things, a tyrant, a homicidal maniac perhaps the equivalent of 100,000 Osama Bin Ladens. And this sadistic lunatic is considered to be the “ideal man” in Islam. What more needs to be said about Islam than that?