The nightmare is here Obamacare

You wake up one morning and head to work. You arrive at work only to find out that the Federal Government, has told the owner of the company you work for, that they need to pay for abortion coverage or get out of business. Your boss, decides the hex with it and closes the doors. Leaving you out of a job and worrying on how you will take care of your family. Sounds far fetched? Sorry but this is about to start happening unless “We the People” act.

This is just one company who has gotten some (very small amount) of media coverage. Today they are fighting this battle in the courts, however reading the DOJ’s response to their lawsuit one has to wonder what the Federal Government is thinking or if they are….

The Justice Department last week presented the Newland family of Colorado–who own Hercules Industries, a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning business–with what amounted to an ultimatum: Give up your religion or your business.

I really can’t make this stuff up, these are the people that we pay to run our country.