The Major issues’s solved

Marriage gay/straight and otherwise.
Civil Unions for EVERYONE! Let the Churches decide who gets married. Such a simple issue to solve. How the hell this can be a major issue when the solution is so simple, it blows my mind.

Gun Control
Another dumb issue, criminals do not follow the law, hence the name criminals. What is the point of punishing law abiding citizens? Hell if everyone who was mentally fit, started to carry a gun, we would live in a much nicer country. There would be some problems at first but once we got passed those life would be so much nicer.

All for it, but first seal the borders. Keep in mind its not just our southern border that we have to worry about. We have illegal aliens coming from all parts of the world. Lets take care of enforcing the laws on the books, close the borders down and then we can fix our immigration system. Until then, any law we pass will be a repeat of the 80’s immigration reform…. Huge failure for those who don’t know. We got promised the borders would be closed right after the amnesty bill was approved. Borders never got closed yet we got 11 million new citizens…

Another easy one to solve. Don’t spend more then you take in… If we collect 2.5 Trillion a year in revenue, that should be a clue on how much we can spend.. Hint, its anything under 2.5 trillion or just in case we collect less, what ever we collect, can be spent. Nothing more! Another key word there is CAN that does not mean we have to spend that much…