The daily grind and how the media and politicians have failed us

You wake up , eat, get the kids feed and out the door or you are paying someone to feed the kids and get them out the door. Next is getting yourself out the door. You fight traffic, get to work, punch in if you have to and start your day.

You work a full 8 hours, with a lunch break in between. Once off work, you fight traffic on the way home. Dinner with the family IF there are no sports or school activities, if you have those other activities then its load the kids up in the car, get them to the place they need to be. You might have time to go home and make dinner before picking the kids back up. Once you have everyone home safe in your house, you try to have family time, helping kids with their homework etc… Now your spouse could pick the kids up from practice or drop them off. Either way one of you has to do it…

Once all the school work is done, then its getting the kids to bed. Some nights its easier then others. Once all of the above stuff is done you might have time to hang out with your spouse and watch a show or just talk. This is your routine 4 days a week, as well as getting everything ready for the week on Sunday night.

Folks ask how you can better manage your time, the real question is what time is there left?

The average American does not have time to watch the news, let alone fact check any news they might have caught.
This folks, is how the media gets us. They pick the narrative or they allow a politician to pick it and everything is tailored around that narrative. What do they do when the news does not match up to their narrative ? Its simple they ignore it.

I have no idea how to break this cycle. The information is out there, yet folks run to one or two web-sites and hope they are getting the facts. What happens when there are two sides giving two different sets of facts? Chaos is what. We now have divided our nation so much that if we do not get a middle of the road politician that can bring both sides back to the table, we will have a melt down. Might not be a shooting civil war, (Praying that its not) but it will be some type. Unless common sense breaks out, there will be a lot of unhappy people.

My question is simple, name 10 things that you could live with that they other side wants, or at least 10 things you would be willing to talk about with an open mind.

Our elected officials for the most part have stopped talking to the other side… So now they ignore "we the people" and they are ignoring what the other party is saying. Its like two guys with hammers trying to nail the same nail, but they refuse to talk about who goes first….