The Constitution , and more D.C ….

Both parties are so far off base when it comes to their Constitution authority half the time. The other half they won’t point to it unless it servers their purpose.

President Obama is no different, he added a signing statement to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013. Pointing out all the different ways Congress has screwed his power….

Only in Washington will a group of people sit down to cut our budget and come out with 4 trillion in new spending over 10 years….

The list is outrageous of the thinks we allow these people to do in our name. Our Current President is no better or worse then our former Presidents, its all based on which side of the isle you are sitting on.We need a new isle, for We the People.

You want to know why those 1% are not having a fit about the new tax rates? Its because there EIC via working is much less then from their investments, all the investment taxes got locked in. So for them its win win , the little people can say congress taxed the rich and the rich just look around and nod… sure you all taxed us..what is .03% on 1,000,000 compared to -.05% on 50,000,000 million? you do the math. We got hoodwinked again, please don’t mistake me pointing this out, as me wanting to raise anyones taxes… Hell the only tax hikes anyone should see is our Elected Officials, but we could call it a performance tax. They screw up we take back more of our money from their salary… Wait we better not they will just figure out another way to screw us.