The big question this election is how many Americans want to join Obama in the gutter.

The tittle say’s it all.

“The big question this election is how many Americans want to join Obama in the gutter.”

That was taking from Lloyd Marcus article from today. Can the question be any simpler?

Lets take a quick look around at the news

Is the fix in for Obama? Morning Joe ran with a story without getting the facts and his response is typical of the MSM.
The Conservative Commune ran with this story tody.

Football fans (and let it be known that I am a Packers fan) everywhere were outraged by the replacement refs’ Fail Mary call at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game. Now, Joe Scarborough wants to be held to a lower standard of accountability than the NFL’s replacement refs, but in his version of the story the onus is all on some hyperbolic critics. You can assert that those layers of fact-checkers and the standards of professional journalism place you high above the amateurs, but to abdicate the responsibility that you claim makes the distinction in your favor, and to try to turn a story about an editorial cock-up into one about how non-professionals have done you wrong, is extremely irresponsible.

So what are you going to do Morning Joe? Will you run another story correcting your first story? Or just hope that viewers did not pay attention?
Full Article Conservative Commune

The Owner of the Jets has the right idea on whats really important. He is backing Romney for President 🙂 Read the story its short and pretty sweet.

Why the Russian Leaders need Obama to win… Sounds silly right? but when you think about how Russia has been paying for their new rise, oil. If Obama wins the election Russia knows they just got a 4 year safety net. Since President Obama refuses to allow drilling on Federal land. However if Romeny wins I would expect to see the permit process streamlined, meaning bad news for Russia. Since supply will cause the price of oil to drop it will hurt their only real source of income…
Article here

Speaking of Russia, they have order our USAID office closed as well as Radio Liberty being turned off latter this year. President Obama made a have hearted attempt via U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to extend the date till May of next year. Russia responded with a firm NO!.
MT ran the story

On security the White House can’t keep China from hacking into their computers. Its real simple to prevent that, and if they start to get in you pull the plug on your current connection and start another connection. By that I mean you set up a new network with new security safeties put in place. You leave all of the sensitive data on one or two servers that are off-line till you can figure out who to stop the attack. Yes its an attack.

Then we have 60 minutes taking a shot at the President Obama on how Al-Quaeda resurged in is working with the Taliban. Yet President Obama says we have defeated Al-Quaeda.

Now here at home unless Congress and the President act, the middle class will face a $2000.00 tax increase starting on 1-12-2013. Sadly I don’t see either side giving ground. The republicans want to pass a bill that makes the Bush’s tax cuts permanent for everyone. The democrats only want to extend them for the middle class.

All this talk about being fair, and paying your fair share is just simple bull crap. You should not be taxed extra because you are more successful then others .  What drives our economy is the Mom and Pop ( my name for Small Businesses) that hire 4-5 people or maybe even more. Most will never get to the point that they can retire with millions in the bank, but they do provide a good living for themselves as well as their employees.

FOX news is starting to slant to the left but even they can still see the media bias. (Not the opinion shows) They have an article "What the media isn’t telling you about our economy"

The Graph All Obama Supporters MUST See. 4 million fewer people are working today than when Obama took office.

If your voting for Obama your really got your head buried real deep in the sand folks.

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