Talk the Talk Then we need to walk the Walk

We have so many problems today in the world that it seems silly when we get hung up on the smaller ones.

The United States trades with Countries that treat their workers like slaves in some cases and worse then slaves in others.
If we could not make the items we buy or did not have the natural resources that we need, I might understand trading with these Nations.  However we have everything we need here in the Americas. From North, Central and South I can’t think of a single thing we can’t make or get.

We don’t need to trade with any of them. The America’s alone have enough workers and natural resources for us that there is no reason for us to cheapen ourselves by trading with those Nations who treat humans as slaves.

Are we perfect? Hell no! However we are a lot better then most Nations. Lets bring the jobs back to the States and if not back to the States back to the Americas.

Oil, we have plenty, just need to remove the green terrorist that hold our nation hostage. If we could develop just half of the oil and gas we have, it would improve our economy. Keep in mind that the worlds largest producer does not allow women to drive.

Electronics have been sent overseas because of the cost of labor (and the regulations) In my mind we lost these because of over regulation. Sure the cost of labor played a part but it was not the only factor. If you have to hire a law firm to figure out exactly what the regulations are, then your spending more money. If the regulations where stated in clear and easy to understand language, it would lower the cost of doing business. Even if the savings was only $500 a year it all adds up. Of course I am only using that as one example. If we took a long hard look at the regulations that we have now, and did away with any of them that did not follow the common sense rule, we would save both businesses and the government money.

Has anyone checked the number of laws and regulations that we have on the books currently ? Do so it might wake you up.

If it does not make sense, then lets stop doing it. There are way to many things we do because its something that we always have done… When a new way comes out that is more cost effective, lets switch to the new way instead of staying with something for the sake of not changing.