A Fast Fix To The Economy

While it won’t happen over night, if the Federal Government repealed The Dodd-Frank banking law and put the Glass–Steagall Act back in place,  the financial markets would have room to breath as well as put something back in place that we all know worked.

Then we need to repeal the health care bill, even if we don’t replace it right away with something more workable. The clarity for small businesses would give them room to make a 5 year plan. This would allow small businesses to hire employees and after all the big thing is jobs.

Make the Bush tax cuts permanent and put the EPA on a VERY SHORT leash. Just doing those few things, would help jump start our country. There are more things that could be done, but just starting with those few things would give us a huge boost.

A little bit more about the EPA; make it illegal for them to try to enforce new rules that have not been passed by congress. This would take away the uncertainty that companies have to deal with when the EPA announces some new regulation.

The last thing is a no brainier;  allow  oil companies to do what they do, which is drill for oil. This alone would create a lot of new high paying jobs.