Slow day for me

FOXsums up most of President Obama’s problems. Does not matter which side you are on, he has managed to tick off more then his share of people..

Good news for the young girl who was in limbo for a lung transplant. She is now getting one. Sorry for the family that lost a love one, at least part of that person will live on.

Remember that huge fertilizer plant that exploded in Texas? Well it seems that after President Obama went down and promised that the country would help them rebuild, FEMA denied the town funds to rebuild public buildings such as a school. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for States paying their own way, but when you have the President telling the people that they will get help rebuilding, and after all the funds that went to Katrina one would think that FEMA would help the town. Not the case, and my belief is because its a Republican Governor.

For those of you following the immigration reform bill , I ask you to compare the law that was passed in the 80’s to the bill now. Again they will not address the issue on how we have so many illegal aliens in our Country, nor will they secure the border before they grant amnesty to those who already have broken our laws. If this bill passes we will have to have another immigration reform bill in 20-30 years. Here is an idea , secure the borders then decided what we will do with those who are here illegally …

Here is another brain teaser for you. How on earth can a person be pro-Islam and pro-Gay? Granted here in the states its not illegal to be gay, so we are not killing any gay people nor are we locking them up for being gay. Not true for Countries like Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, and Saudi, just to name a few. Blows my mind when folks will not look at the big picture. Being a Muslim is different then being an Islamic. The People I know, who happen to be Muslims do not go around doing any of the things that the Islamic’s do. How in God’s name can we support Countries that take away basic human rights? Yet we do and its not just Islamic states that deny citizens basic human rights.