Simple Stuff; Really

Thinking today about all the problems we have in our country and it reminded me of my sponsor in A.A. who told me there are no problems only solutions.

What’s missing today from 8-9 years ago? Nothing.  To find our solutions we need to go back 20+ years when schools still taught problem solving instead of test taking.

When I was growing up we learned  we had to take certain steps to solve problems and those steps were not always the same depending on the problem. It’s not just the schools, it’s the parents and the other voting adults.

Let’s face it, unless something really ticked us off ,we seldom took the time to find out what the real problems were. Back then we did not have the world wide web. We relied on the big three,TV stations, radio and newspapers, to get our information, so we had to really want to find out the issues.
Now, depending on how good you can use Google (yes some people are better than others when searching) all the information and then some is at our finger tips. The problem is not all of the information is correct.
Keep in mind that those reporters from 20+ years ago did not have anyone fact checking them, so we had to trust the media to give us the real scoop. Sound bites were what we got from the T.V. and radio, which is what we used to vote for or against someone.

Today we have to question not only those in power but those reporting on them, as well as what is being reported around the world as news. Some “news” stations try to pick winners in politics, and when they do that ,we the American people lose.

Had the media done what they normally do, we might have had our first Lady President instead of our first Black President. Instead of digging into President Obama’s past the media fell in love with him.

Let’s be real honest, I doubt there is a job in the world that prepares anyone to be President of the United States. With that said, there are certain jobs that may help them be a good president. Being a governor of a state or running your own company are just two that come to my mind. However, I am sure there are many more jobs that give someone experience that might make him or her be a good president. Sure a lot of it is on the job training, but working out in the real world would have helped him as well. Instead we got someone who might have made a great president in 10-15 years as our current president.

President Obama is smart and ran a great campaign and he never lost control of the narrative which allowed him to win the election. The problem I see today is that there is no one running other then President Obama that can get people fired up. Unless something changes President Obama will win in 2012 as well. The anybody but Obama crowd is decent size, but I doubt its big enough for him to lose the election.

So we are back to finding solutions, which right now I don’t have.