Sex at any age

Being the father of two young men, I have tried to hammer home the fact that sex is not all that big of a deal compared to the other side of a relationship. While I know my boys ( young men) have already had sex, that does not mean that I stop trying to teach them the difference between having sex and making love. Anyone can have sex, not everyone gets to make love.

If you love someone you protect them from the things that you can, and try to help them through the things that you can’t protect them from. This also makes you ask yourself is having sex with this person in their best interest? It also explains why making love is so much more intense then having sex.

In most cases teens and young adults are more into getting theirs (to be crude) then they are into pleasing their partner. For the females the pleasing part is pretty easy. Since guys are pretty simple when it comes to sex. When I am talking to my kids, being males they of course think that they are pleasing their girlfriends, however all males think they are great at sex. What they don’t understand is when your making love to you partner you are exploring and sharing every inch of each other.

While I am old school and believe sex and marriage go hand in hand, I was also young once and was no angel. With age comes a little bit of wisdom.

My advice to females is to not allow your boyfriends to pressure you into having sex. Trust me you are not killing them , nor are you causing them real pain. If they say they love you but will leave you for not having sex with them, you have to wonder if they really love you. Don’t allow anyone to cheapen your values or your body.
To men put your partner first, is having sex with them the best thing for them? Put your ego aside before you answer that one. As to your friends who may give you a hard time about staying with a lady who is not “putting out” they are jealous of you and your lady. So just ignore them, if they are real friends they will want what is best for you.

Having sex is extremely dangerous due to the many STD’s that you could get.  A lot of people are afraid to get tested so they go around infecting others. It only takes one time to pick up something that you can’t get rid of. Why take that chance? Condoms are not  a 100% guarantee that you won’t catch something.

Think of this, in the future, you meet the person of your dreams, sadly your past decision’s have left you with an STD. Will this person you want to spend the rest of your life with look past your STD? Since they have a strong chance of getting it from you, will they still stay with you? Will you even bother to tell them?  These are things that few even think about while they are out trying to score.

Both men and women go out looking for sex, because that is what is expected of you as young people. Which is really sad since sex should be something that is only shared with someone you are in love with. 

As with everything in life, please think about all the things that could happen if you decide to have sex. From the possibility of having kids to the danger of STD’s.