Saturdays news round up 10-13-2012

About those unemployment numbers, one really needs to take a look at the JOLTS data. Granted I am no expert however it does not look like we had any improvement. I am not sure why more people are not made aware of these numbers. The only thing I can think of is that its much easier to just toss the unemployment number out there then it is to try and explain all the data or it could be to hard to fudge the JOLTS data? Who knows?

I like Power Line, always have. This article Obama bites the hand that feeds him just reminded me of why. Funny how quick Team Obama tosses Hillary under the bus or in this case might have pushed her in front of the train.

People make mistakes, in some cases those mistakes can’t be helped for whatever reason. Or the old expression shit happens. We as a nation screwed up , 4 more people died because of our screw up. Why do I say we? Granted not everyone voted for President Obama, nor did everyone vote for the person who won the House or Senate seat, yet as Americans we share the blame for allowing the Media to report their opinions instead of just the facts. Which lead to enough  people voting for then Senator Obama to become President Obama. We allowed ourselves to get duped, some of us assumed  that the media would do their jobs. They did not and now 4 years latter we have a bigger mess then in 2008.

We have a President who, other then on the job training, has zero executive experience. Think about that for a moment, if you owned a company would you hire someone to run it for you, who had never worked for a company, who had zero experience as a manager ? If you want to keep your company making money then no you would not. At the least the person would had to have been trained by you, before you turned over the master key to them.

I would not like to have Jay Carney’s job. Once again he is having to correct a statement made by someone in President Obama’s administration. H.T. Freedoms Lighthouse.

One of the Democratic talking points on defending the lack of security at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya is to blame the Republican House for not approving enough money in the State Department Budget. Joe Biden even tried to use this excuse in the VP Debate the other night. But here is Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney having to admit yesterday that they have no evidence that the State Department Budget had anything to do with the lack of security. When directly asked about it, he had to walk back what Biden and other Democrats have been using as an excuse.

Here’s the presser