Running scared Democrats

Seems the Democrats are in a state of panic over the Presidential election.
Liberals Are In Disarray

With not much to run on, only some really silly people will send President Obama back to the White House. For those saying he can point to his foreign policy(s) look again.

Instead of capturing terrorist that could give us a ton of intel, the President prefers the safe method, kill them with drones. In his mind this makes him look tough. However it is a much tougher call to send men in to capture these targets then it is to order a drone kills.

Other then killing OBL , which let me point out was a team effort, the President has not done much to further our causes. In most cases he has hurt us by snubbing our long time friends.

Unless the SCOTUS rules in favor of Obamacare I am not sure that President Obama has any hope in winning. There are way to many people who are going to be voting for anyone but Obama. Which is sad because Mitt is what I call a Democrat lite . Instead of picking someone who has conservative views the Republicans went with who they hope can win.

Not a bad plan if your only goal is to win the White House or remove President Obama. Not great if you are really trying to turn our nation around.