Rescued , my attempted journey to see the waterfall

So I went to the mountains/jungle to hike to the waterfall.

Either my Spanish is much worse or the guy lied to me, since he rescued me I am thinking it was my lack of Spanish. Or he has a sick sense of humor.


I thought he said 2 km to the waterfalls, what he said was 2 km to the other trail, 2 km on that trail, then 2 km to the pool and another 2 to the waterfall. I made it to the pool.


When I got back to the first trail, I hollered up for the Youngman to help me. I was out of water and out of gas


This is all up and down mountains, some spots have sort of stairs cut into them.. A wooden bridge, I use the word bridge very generously, it was 2 2×6 tied together.


The pool it self was worth the hike! 

I was so hot I jumped right in the pool with my wallet in my pocket lol…

On the way back the only water I had was from the river so I was worried about drinking it (I had put it in the bottle that I drank on the way there) however once I started getting light headed I drank that water gladly. I figured it was from the waterfall and it looked crystal clear. So if I die tonight you all know why :)…


The guy who owns the land is about 25, he owns a bunch of cows , so I guess hanging out in the shed charging $ 20, so people can try to  kill themselves, trying to see the waterfall is something to do for him. I was the only customer he had, since today was a travel day for people coming to town…

When I was about 1 km out I was so lightheaded that I just hollered up for him to bring me water , which he did, big 3 litter bottle. He sat with me till I could stand again. Once I started to feel better he asked if he could recorded me.


Funny video and one I am glad that will never see my name attached to it. He showed it to me when we got back to the top of the mountain.


Needless to say I am working on my Spanish now. Had I known it was 8 km to the waterfall I would not have attempted it. He said 2,2, 2,2 I just thought he was repeating himself. I have been walking 3 miles a day so I figured 2 km up and down the mountain would tire me out but I could do it.

So doing the math I climbed, walked and crawled about 12 Km today.