Repeal the 17th amendment? Something to think about

Flopping Aces takes a look at repealing the 17th amendment, which would put the election of Senators back into the State legislators hands.

The Government is broke the way it is now. Very little gets done and yet we Americans lose more and more freedom each day.

There was a great reason why the Founding Fathers set the election of Senators up the way they did. Sadly we tried to fix it and in doing so we screwed it up.

Small part of the article from Flopping Aces

For the last century, the states have no legislative branch to represent their interests and check federal power. As a result, the balance of power has tipped dramatically in favor of federal government power. We see this in countless federal legislative acts throughout the last century including, for example, FDR’s New Deal programs and more recently Obamacare.

Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment will restore governmental balance. It will not fix all of the Senate’s problems over night but it would be a huge step forward.

At the very least it might scare some Senators to do their jobs, at best it might just fix things…

Its something we should consider doing, however it would take a State Constitutional Convention in order to get it done.