Rant for the day

The Federal Government needs to stick to the basics , or even better, follow the Constitution to the letter. The President of the United States should not be trying to stir up racial hatred.

Nor should the Feds try and bail out Detroit, have anything to do with health care besides the already established Medicare. I would say do away with it, but there are already so many people using it as well as paying into it to get rid of it.

Bring our Military out of Afghanistan unless we are willing to take the gloves and handcuffs off our Military. Total war or none at all should be our response. If we are going to send our Men and Women into harms way then it should be with one objective, to destroy our enemy.

Why in the world do we keep sending Representatives of our Nation to try and broker a peace deal in the middle east? Its not going to work, its a wastes our time and money. In order for there to be a real peace both sides have to want it. Sadly that’s not the case.
Riots over a jury’s verdict are unacceptable, Police should be allowed to use deadly force on those who are behaving violently. Why should the tax payer be stuck paying the bill because a group of people decide they do not like something and because of that it gives them the right to destroy other people’s properties? Panther piss to that.

Protest all you want, but show respect to both other people’s personal property as well as to the Police. If they tell you to break up and go home then do so.

Here is an idea for our economy , tell the government to stay out of it. Federal, State and Local government should have very little to do with businesses. All of these regulations are killing small companies.