Ramblings from a sick mind

America is a place that offers everyone the chance to better their lives. At one point in our past Americans had true freedom. Back when following morals handed down from your parents was the normal thing to do. Yes we are still free today but not as much as we had been or could be.

There have been some laws that we passed that are necessary but for each law that is necessary we seem to pass 3-5 that do nothing but limit the amount of freedom we have.

Having a murderer or rapists on the loose is not good for any community, so the laws that allow us to lock those people up are good.

Having to pass a law that requires parents to put their younger kids in safety seats seems silly to me. If one looks at the facts and acts with common sense, they would not have to be told to do that. Every parent I know want’s their children to be safe and since putting them in a car seat makes them safer, I can’t see anyone not doing it.

Keep in mind that we did not have to wear seat belts until 25 or so years ago. At one point most cars did not even come with them standard. As companies tried to improve the appeal of their cars, they started  by putting seat belts in them as well as some other items that their rivals had not included .

After all not all cars came with USB plugs or GPS as options, until one company started making them standard in all of their vehicles. The point here is people want the best or as close to the best as they can get it for themselves and their family. We did not need to pass a law to get people to comply, before it became the law of the land, more and more people started to buckle up for safety. It was just common sense. The question is not do we need to pass a law like that , the question should have been do we want people who have so little regard for their own lives driving a car?

I am using the seat belt laws as an example on how we could avoid passing so many laws.

We have so many laws on the books that at some point in each persons day we can’t help but to break at least one law. In most cases we have no idea we are breaking the law.

Think of who benefited by passing a child safety seat law, those parents that wanted to protect their children started using them when they came out. The makers of child safety seats won by pressuring Congress to make it mandatory, once they got the first law passed they moved on to kids a little bit older. Again using this only as an example, but you can see how it helps certain companies when then can comply Congress to write a law making something mandatory.

Same applies to Obamacare, AARP was all for it and lobbied for it, now they are backing off of it because the majority of Americans view the law as something that needs to be repealed. Now AARP stands to make billions of dollars off the law, but since public opinion is not in their favor they are distancing their company from it. Keep in mind AARP did not come out and say we are now against it, just that they are not backing any person running for President. See they like the law and stand to make lot of money from it, yet they don’t want it,to be seen or remembered that they played a big part in getting the law passed.

Yes I know I am rambling on here, but think about the laws you know about, then ask yourself why that had to become a law in the first place.

Before they banned smoking in restaurants, the smoking areas in them had started to shrink. Some establishments had rooms that had closed doors for the people who still wanted that smoke. The customers had been letting the owners know that they would stop coming in to eat if they had a smoker sitting next to them or had to smell smoke the entire time they came to the restaurant. Since that would take money away from the owner they started to limit where you could smoke. Again with common sense being applied we don’t need a ban on smoking in restaurants.

If its not for the protection of the Nation, the Federal government should not be involved. Keep in mind protection is not just defending our borders. Trade, treaties etc… is all part of the Federal Charter. The rest of the stuff should be left up to the states. If the state I live in passes a law I don’t like, I can do a few things about it. One I can move to another state that does not have that law. I can also form a groups with my fellow state citizens to try to over turn that law. Lastly I could just learn to live with it. At the Federal level I am stuck without a real recourse. Yes I can vote for someone for Congress as well as the President but we have all seen how unreachable our elected official’s are, until its time to vote again.

Ok done rambling…. next time I might even think 🙂 Cheers!