Rambling about government

Just thoughts from my sick brain

Term limits for Congressmen. 12 years and no more as a Representative in the House or combined as a Senator. Meaning a person who has 8 years as a house Rep could not then run for Senate as it would violate the 12 year rule. It needs to be 12 total years in Congress.

Our founding Fathers never meant for our legislative body to be full time.

Lets be real honest how many more laws do we need? When is enough enough? I understand why they keep passing new laws because it gives them something to point at , saying I did this or defeated that….
Not to mention the size of the staffs. Do we really need to have all of those people working for one person? Do away with the full time Members and Senators and we could cut back on the full time employee’s.
What our last full time congress should do is clean house. Start at law one or regulation 1 and make each one pass the common sense law. If it does not pass then repeal it, if that’s to simple then make the law pass the 10th Amendment without including the commerce clause in it. Since the intent of the 10th Amendment did not have any idea that the commerce clause would be used so broadly.

Once done going through each law or regulation then they need to tackle each Agency’s mission statement to insure that they do not go past what Congress intent was the agency was approved. If some laws need to be updated then do so.

The EPA is a prime example, for all the good work they do they do a lot of harm as well. Some of the regulations have restricted property owners and business from making the most of their property or their company. If a regulation seems like a good idea but has harmful unintended consequences then until those consequences are changed the regulation can not going into effect.

Prime example of that is the ethanol added to gas. Not all car engines are made to operate with 15% of ethanol so what are the people supposed to do that can’t or will not buy a newer car? The idea is great, we use less oil, yet without fixing the unintended consequence we have lots of people getting hurt.

If we made the laws very simple to understand and made each law only about one thing our lives would be much easier. The defense bill each year is loaded with non-defense spending. Why is that? simple, the law makers know that alone there is no way their pet project will get passed but by combine it into a huge bill, We the People won’t notice or will shrug our shoulders. If its not directly related to the main (should be only bill) bill it should not be in the bill.

Yes I am just rambling on here but lets get real how much is to much?