Quick Hit for Monday "Uncivil Rights"

Must read for Monday morning.
It will get you thinking about what Civil Rights really means and what it should not mean.

Uncivil Rights
Its sad that we live in an age that demands so called rights that would have been laughed at 20 years ago. Sorry a man being allowed to use a ladies bathroom because he decided to dress like a lady?

Much as the Civil Rights movement went from trying to reverse legal inequality embedded in law to trying to enforce an equality of outcome in every sphere from the commercial to the educational to the social by depriving others of their rights, succeeding movements have borrowed the narrative of inequality and the tactics of achieving equal outcomes, even when such outcomes are physically impossible.

We go from helping to hurting in a very short time. Its time for people to start using common sense. As well as to stop trying to change the definition of words to suit their own wants.

If the outcome is impossible, that’s all the more reason to demand it. Gay marriage is a contradiction in terms, but thanks to activist federal judges who think the peasants have no right to vote on issues in referendums, it is well on the way to becoming the law of the land. And what if the outcome isn’t impossible, just hideously expensive in terms of human life and dignity? That’s what a stroll through your local airport is for, where Muslims cannot be touched, but small children and the disabled can.

Profiling makes perfect sense. If 70% of terrorist are white males with blonde hair I doubt you would hear anyone complaining about being wrongly targeted.