President Obama’s inaction is getting people killed

President Obama did nothing when our citizens who worked for our federal government, one ,who was an Ambassador, where under attack, the President went to a fund raiser. Only problem before he left he failed to order in one of our quick reaction teams. Why? I can guess but I have no real idea. It was so close to the election, so my guess is he did not want to look bad. His excuse ? We did not have enough information at the time. American citizens under attack? citizens that his administration ordered to be there. How much more information did he need?
Now we have his famous Red line for Syria, when it comes to chemical weapons being used, He does nothing, his excuse? not enough information… While I don’t want us to be in another shooting war, we need to follow up one this red line because Iran as well as the rest of the world is watching.

The problems we face here at home are huge, the last thing we need is for the world to think that we are weak or will not back up our Allies. Sadly that is exactly what is happening..Hell he won’t even back up people he sent to do a job. Just left them hanging…