President Obama pick up the phone and free our US Marine Jon Hammar

Jon Hammar needs to be freed Mr. President.
The President should have taken care of this already, I can’t imagine it taking more then 20 minutes to get this combat veteran freed.

If I was the President I would pick up the phone and call the Mexican President, I would explain to him in no uncertain terms that if he did not free our Marine then we would free him.

Screw all the bull shit, as many Mexican citizens that break our laws and in some cases kill our Citizens, yet we are going to allow them to lock up one of our Marines who was just passing through? Horse crap and panther piss. Seal team 6 or USMC Force Recon could be in and out ….
So done with this President, if there is any chance something won’t make him look good he won’t do it.
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