President Obama has skipped 60% of PDB

If that is true and I have not heard that its not, we should impeach President Obama for failing to do part of his job.
Four of our Citizens got murdered from his neglect. If the Liberals had a chance to lay this on President Bush they would. Its time for everyone to do some soul searching and to figure out if this really is the man we want to lead us for another 4 years.

President Obama has failed to do anything to help the Middle East. Russia is still sending weapons to Syria and we do nothing, zero , to get Russia to stop doing this.

I fail to find any reason to vote for President Obama. Its not that I am not looking because I am. I would love to find a reason that people want to give President Obama a second term.

Hell even some Democrats are coming out against President Obama.

Dem House Candidate: We Should Have Had Marines in Benghazi

This was my update yesterday on Facebook.

4 more years with President Obama will add our debt to 21 Trillion.
While we may be dead before the final bill comes due, our kids and grand-kids will have to pay the piper….
Do you really think its a good idea to saddle them with this much debt?
Take a close look at both men, see which one has been successful in everything he tried, see which one wants to appease our enemy’s (appeasement was part of the reason WW2 got started)
Find out which one best suits NOT your needs, but America’s needs.
While voting is personal, its also a civic duty to do so.
Even if you have your mind made up, take a closer look….
I am not telling anyone who to vote for, I am asking for everyone to take a second look and to vote for what’s best for our Nation.

Its up to us to safeguard our kids and grand-kids future… I know I would trade my life for my kids. Rather suffer myself then to see them suffer…