President Obama did not save Detroit

When President Obama signed the law loaning the Auto Makers tons of taxes payer money by “We the People” he did not save Detroit. First of all what “We the People” saved regardless if we wanted to or not was the Auto industry. Did they need saving or should we have allowed the free market to work? That’s a question only time will tell. However President Obama had done nothing for the city of Detroit.

Lets take a look at the crime rate in Detroit. Out of a score from 1 to 100, 100 being the safest 1 being the worst, Detroit ranks number 1. Not a good spot to be at.
Your chances of becoming a victim in Detroit is 1 in 41. Which is pretty scary if you think about it. How many people do you pass on an average day?
The murder rate for Detroit is .43 per 1000 and .57 for rape per 1000. The National average for murder is .05 per 1000, and .27 for rape per 1000.
Scary numbers, and it just gets worse. For robbery Detroit is at 7.76 per 1000 and for assaults its a 15.06 per 1000. National rate for robbery is 1.19 for assault its 2.52 per 1000.

So no we did not save Detroit, nor did President Obama. Detroit is a dangerous place to live or visit.

What we did was kick the can down the road for the Auto companies that took bailout money. Since they are NOT  making a product that everyone wants, by their own choice, why the hell did we load them a nickel? Once again its “We the People” getting screwed. Take a look at the way the deal was structured and then try and tell me that the bailout was not part of taking care of the Democrats base. The auto companies still have the exact same problems they did before the bail out.

Instead of solving problems we have a government that kicks the can down the road.