Around the Web 8-1-2016

Everyone’s going nuts over Hillary Clinton lying on the FOX News Sunday program. My question is why are you all shocked? The women does not know how to be honest with herself let alone anyone else. Just look at all the time Bill has been caught or accused of cheating on her. Women lives in another reality then most folks.
One example of fact checker at WAPO

Dog crashes into Wal-Mart, yes I said a dog did it. Funny, odd and true. But this can only happen in West Virginia.  WSAZ3 has story

Asteroid strike could hit Earth , but not till the 2100’s so no worries for those of us alive now. They are giving it a one in 2700 chance of hitting Earth. In case you could not figure out , that if it does hit it would be bad for those alive, the scientists explained that it could cause immense suffering and death. Sky news has this one

F-35 to good?  While on a training exercise , the SAM radars could not find them. The problem with this is the F-35 pilots where trying to train on how to avoid or evad surface to air missiles.  BI has the story

 Want to see some great photos of a remote arctic town? Go here , all I can say is pretty cool

You know those emails you get from the Nigerian Prince? No he was not caught but they did bag a Nigerian scammer who targeted business accounts. TAH has the story . So maybe the Nigerian Prince is real lol… If you want to fall for that one, just send me your money at the very least you will know it would be donated to a charity .. Can’t say the same for our Nigerian Prince who’s still out there trying to give his money away.

Wayne Grudem  has laid out why it is morally good to vote for Trump. What I have been saying all along is that this election is not about President but about the how the Supreme Court will look if Clinton wins.

Few people are even thinking about this one about Hillary. “Forget the politics. Hillary Clinton is entirely compromised by foreign governments” The fact that few people even consider this is what is bothering me.