Good news stories 2-28-2017

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A nursing assistant on his way to work has been credited with saving the life of a pregnant woman who stopped breathing after a car accident. Keith B. Ezell performed CPR on the woman for 10 minutes until paramedics arrived at the scene. After she regains a pulse, Ezell leaves and rushes to work because he’s late. The dramatic video was posted on Facebook by Ezell’s friend and coworker, Daniele Nicole. She wrote, “This is my friend and co-worker Keith B Ezell who was caught rescuing this woman, and unborn child, after witnessing a car accident on his way to work with minimal assistance. He ROCKS!”

Young Man Spots Terrified Elderly Woman Clinging To A Lamp Post And Walks Her Home

Nearly 100-year-old woman ‘arrested’ to fulfill bucket list item

Preschool Teacher Recovers After Donating Kidney to Student: ‘I Wanted to Give Lyla a Future’

Full story at link Lots Of People Donate Their Cars, But This Owner Donated His Auto Repair Shop

Then, the Greeffs had an idea. They’d donated a few of their old cars to a local nonprofit specializing in auto mechanics. Why not donate the business? “We didn’t want to close,” Greeff says. “We didn’t want the employees to lose their jobs, we didn’t want the community to lose it.” Vehicles for Change is a nonprofit that fixes up donated cars while teaching ex-offenders auto repair. They sell the cars at low cost to low-income families. The ex-offenders earn their mechanic certificates, they’re placed in a job, and Vehicles for Change sells them a car at low cost, so they can get to that job.