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Don’t tread on me hat , flag could be racial harassment. Bad news, what about my license plate ? Not to mention my hat , shirt and flag?  Not a damn thing racist about any of them.  People need to stop being so bloody sensitive. Don’t look if you don’t like it. If you fear something like that you have more mental problems then you know.

The guy who went on a knifing spree killed an American citizen, wounded five other people and will be charged with murder and attempted murder. No gun involved and the UK has already been calling for a ban on certain knives. When will people wake up and figure out its not the tool but the Human with the tool. Our focus should be  on helping those with mental illness as well as preventing them from obtaining any tool that can be used as a weapon.  That is something very hard to do since just about any object can be used as one.

Autopsy reports are in on some of the people killed during the massacre at the Gay nightclub in Florida , confirming what witness reports that some people suffered multiple gun shot wounds. Story here Having just one person armed could have saved at least on life maybe more, sadly that is something we will never know.

In Virginia a Mayor was arrested in a meth bust. The crap is all over the place so it does not surprise me its in Fairfax, what does shock me is the fact a Mayor of Fairfax City , which is a decent size suburb of DC was dumb enough to get caught. Sex for drugs does not set a good role model for our youth . Story

Zeus statue 3d printed for Olympics, which as a person who owns a 3d printer I find pretty cool. Now I could never afford the printer used to print at that scale , you would be shocked with what I can print. Story