U.S. backing to many groups, once IS is taken care of there will be more fighting because we don’t have a clear plan in place to deal with the aftermath of IS.  We are supporting two rivals that clashed over the weekend.

The Kurd’s have been betrayed once by the US and if we do that to them again,  we will have created yet another group or people who hate the U.S.
These limited wars that both parties seem to get us into do nothing for the people in those countries , and since we refuse to go all in, it ends up hurting us as a Nation.

Not one leader is looking at history . Korea is divided because our leaders at the time refused to go all in, in fact they fired Gen. MacArthur because he wanted to win the war, not just push the N. Koreans back past the 38th parallel

I have said it before, if we are not going to allow our Military to win, then don’t send them.