Odds,ends and cats

I knew there was a reason I was never a cat fan. Seems the little devils have a parasite in them. (Or can) Which is why I always eat my cat well done :)… Story

Accourding to Iran US and the UK are using money from Jews to spread homosexuality throughout the world. really I can’t make this stuff up… What’s really sad is some people in Iran are getting killed because they are gay…Story

Looks like a Federal Judge is ordering a tax payer funded sex change for a man in prison for murdering his wife… Late night should be really funny…

Looks like the EU is going to get a credit downgrade… This can’t be good for the rest of the world… So much for a economic recovery

The Dem party has removed God from its platform and now say we belong to the government..

Finish up with this one… President Obama said he could not reach across the isle because he was trying to be a good father… So now its his kids fault?