Odds and ends Sunday morning

  One group in the Gaza strip that we really don’t want coming into power is the extremist Muslim Salafi group. You know this is a rotten bunch when they accuse Hamas of being too moderate. Keep in mind that’s Hamas that fires rockets into Israel all the time. This is just another example of why one should never ask the question, “can things get any worse?” ..

  When Congress orders the U.S. Military to cut spending, what they are really saying is cut spending, but don’t you dare cut programs that are in my district. The Army has said it has enough main battle tanks, Congress disagrees. My question is how many COMBAT wars has congress fought? IMO we need to listen to what the Military leaders are saying instead of congress. Call me crazy but are not the leaders of our Military paid to know how to conduct a war as well as to know what they need to carry out the missions they are given?

  The state of California does not seem to have enough problems to deal with. California’s fearless leaders are now talking about banning lead bullets for environmental reasons.. No folks I can’t make this up. Apparently two birds died over the last year from lead poisoning. While tragic that these birds have died, I really think if I was a citizen of California , I would prefer my elected leaders to fix all of the other problems in the state before they spend any time on something like this. Just in case you think I am kidding here is the link.

  Yes Russia warned us about the brothers who carried out the attack in Boston. The big question is do we really trust Russia? Since WW2 our dealings with the former U.S.S.R as well as dealing with Russia, since the fall of the USSR ,have been strained to say the least. Few remember the Berlin airlift, yet this was a huge slap in the face of the west, or rather they attempted to slap us in the face. We stood up and the end result was Berlin remained divided. One side had freedom the other not so much. Had we taking a look at how the USSR behaved during WW2 allies or not, we could have prevented the cold war. Hindsight is 20/20 and after Germany surrendered, few had the stomach for another war in and around Europe. After all ,we still has Japan to take care of. So yes they did in fact warn us, and even though Russia has their own problems with Islamic terrorist they also still have human rights abuse problems. If a person disagrees with those in power they have a strong possibility of “making” the watch list. So when Russia shares said watch list, our people here have to check each person on the list, to see if they are there for political reasons or if they pose a threat to the rest of the world. Its no wonder how the FBI missed this, after all did the bombers family not come here for political asylum ? Did anyone think they would not be on the list? I might have cleared them as well.