Obama vs Romney

“Governor Romney’s policies would make things worse for middle-class families and offer no prospect for long-term opportunity for those striving to get into the middle class.” President Obama


From the AP interview 8-25-12

I can name just one of Mitt Romney’s plans that will help the middle class a year after he is elected.  Romney’s energy plan.

If Romney’s energy plan only lowers the cost of fuel, it will help all Americans.

Fuel is required just about everything we do. It takes fuel to get food from the farmer’s farm to the warehouse, it takes fuel to get the food from the warehouse to the store and of course it takes fuel for us to bring the food home from the store. ( Yes I know not everyone drives but unless you are walking it still takes fuel)
High fuel costs drive up the cost of food both directly and indirectly. Cheap fuel would help not only the middle-class but the entire Nation.  Regardless if your rich, poor or someplace in between the two.
Now lets say we get the fuel benefit along with the good paying jobs, that come from tapping into all of our resources. What happens then??? Let see, good paying jobs equals more Americans being able to afford to buy more items, to buy bigger ticket items as well as take nice vacations. By God that just might help the economy both short and long term.

One can clearly see that just one of Governor Romney’s policies would be a big boost for all American’s not just for the middle-class.

I think the real difference between these two men is President Obama wants to look down at us and tell us what we can or can’t do.  Governor Romney  wants to lend us a hand and help us help ourselves.